Top 10 mistakes men and women make in sex

Top 10 mistakes men and women make in sex

Men dream of ideally mastering sexual techniques, and women want to have a perfect bodyBut problems in bed usually arise for other reasons.

Male mistakes

Most men come to therapy to improve their sexual skills, Watson says. But the problem, as a rule, is not connected with their skill. The error lies in one or more of the following points.

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1. The lack of female desire is misinterpreted.

Men are immediately informed about the attractiveness of a woman by their body. Just the sight of an unfamiliar beauty or their own partner can cause them to have a partial erection. Women are different. Their arousal is associated with imagination and fantasy, so they need more time to tune in to sex.

So do not take the lack of instant desire from a partner to heart. It is better to stretch the process of seduction a little.

2. Frustrated by her slow arousal

This error is closely related to the previous one. Women slowly tune in to sex and are slowly aroused. It’s a matter of physiology, nothing more. But if the partner feels that the man is disappointed with her speed abilities, her desire intensifies even more slowly. Or disappears altogether.

Solution: Relax, take your time and enjoy every moment.

3. Move to the genitals too quickly

Top 10 mistakes men and women make in sexMany men prefer genital caresses to everyone else and think that women share their sympathy. Error. The physical arousal of a woman is not yet a signal of a rapid transition to the main thing. On the contrary, premature genital stimulation can kill desire.

Solution: it is better to wait a little longer, continuing to caress the partner’s entire body.

4. Concentrate on their erection

Men who care too much about their erections can ruin the feeling of intimacy during sex.

If they are focused on delaying ejaculation, a woman may feel isolated, forgotten. To calm her down, Watson advises men to stay in touch, to tell her about their desire.

If the erection, on the contrary, weakens, it is not bad to use this time for an additional round of caresses.

In the case of rapid ejaculation, you can tell your partner that the reason is in her incredible sexuality. And resort to oral sex. It is no worse than ordinary sexual intercourse.

5. Only stimulate the vagina

The head of the clitoris is about the same as the head of the penis. Needless to say, vaginal stimulation alone is not very effective? Yes, of course, there are exceptions. But still, more often it is the clitoris that is the center of a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Women’s mistakes

Women who have problems in sex often associate them with the lack of a perfect body or fantastic skills, like porn stars . According to Laurie Watson, all this has little to do with reality. Most likely, the reason is related to the following errors.Read the rest

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There are many overviews and online write-ups that can clarify exactly how a male can meet a lady or vice versa. However you would not discover numerous guides or documents clarifying exactly how a lady can meet other hot lesbians. I am not declaring you will locate absolutely nothing on this issue, yet whatever details you will certainly obtain, that will certainly be not much in any way. Well, I will certainly attempt to fill this space with some of my point of views or tips and also you can decide if you intend to follow it or not.

Attempt online option: Similar to straight partnership, there are lots of sites that are dedicated just for gays or lesbians. That suggests if some women want to satisfy various other hot lesbians without having any kind of sort of issue, then they can attempt this online choice. When they will try the on the internet options, after that they will certainly have the ability to have actually fantastic and the most incredible experience for certain. Likewise, this option will certainly help them fulfill other women in an exclusive or discrete way. So, if they are not going to share their viewpoint or preferences with others, after that also they can enjoy it quickly.

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